Repairs, Replacements, Summer and Winter Tyres for a wide range of vehicles.

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There is more to tyres than you might imagine. They are not just black and round as many people may think but are a complex piece of technology that ensures your safety and comfort. We believe that it is possible to become addicted to tyres and like to think that all our regular customers have grown to love our tyre addictions and are now wiser to the differences in brands, sizes, compounds, patterns, prices etc.
We stock and supply the full spectrum of tyres, including tyres for... SUV’s, 4X4s, Quad bikes. Motorbikes, Agricultural trailers and implements, High Performance+ Family cars, Vans, Coaches and Busses, Tractors and for most other tyre clad vehicles.

Summer Tyres

We carry a range of tyres, from quality Budget / Economy tyres, to main brands such as Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli and Continental. All fitted by experts while you wait!

Winter Tyres

Add the extra level of safety and mobility in cold, wet and snowy conditions. We recommend fitment of proper ‘Winter Tyres’ from October through to April/May (depending on when spring arrives). The correct ‘Winter’ fitment gives you extra traction in cold, snowy and wet conditions. Every car benefits, but especially rear wheel drives like Mercedes and BMW’s.